What is Earthing and How Does It Work?

Earthing is grounding your body to the surface of the earth. When you are in conductive contact with the earth, it’s natural, gentle electrical energy stabilises your body’s bioelectrical system. It’s is a surprising powerful way to reduce pain and inflammation, sleep better, improve circulation and normalise blood pressure.

Astonishingly, earthing has always been around, yet we missed it all these years until Clint Ober gave it to us in a nutshell in the late 1990s. Earthing is as simple as kicking off your shoes to walk on the grass. Yes, that’s really all you need to do.

Our modern lifestyle has taken us away from the earth. Our cave-dwelling ancestors remained grounded as they walked, sat, and slept, on the ground. The advent of shoes, furniture, and houses established a barrier between humans and the earth. Yet, as long as we used natural materials like leather, metal, and stone, we were still grounded to a large extent. Modern life didn’t stop there though. Plastic, fabrics, asphalt, tar, vinyl and paint, followed by carpets and high-rises, replaced natural materials. That’s when we lost our connection with the earth.

This disconnect has deprived us of the free electrons in the earth’s natural electric field, the nourishment that is right beneath our feet that we have been overlooking for years. Researchers have repeatedly linked the rise in diseases in recent years to environmental factors. Could our disconnect from the earth be the cause?

The Earthing science, how does it work?

Your body is a complex being with several functional processes taking place at the same time. These simple and complex processes produce free radicals in the body. For instance, take reading, the nerves in your eyes send several electrical impulses to your brain through various nerve pathways to make this happen. The slightest movements like the blinking of your eyelids or swallowing contracts several muscles within. Even when you lie still, your heart continues to pump and the rest of your organs are still functioning too. All of these processes accumulate free radicals inside your body. That’s okay, you want these processes to run to survive, but problems can arise when too many free radicals pile up. There’s a risk that they will attack healthy tissues and snatch electrons from them. Free radicals lack an electron and are on a constant lookout for free electrons to nullify their positive charge.

Sadly, your body cannot eliminate free radicals all by itself. You can help it out by eating antioxidants like dark chocolate or taking supplements like Vitamin E. But, it’s hard to keep up with the rapid production of free radicals inside your body.

This is where earthing comes into its own. The earth has plenty of free electrons that are constantly replenished through the moving wind, water, and sunlight, and meteorological events. Ever wondered why we feel euphoric around waterfalls, in the sea, and in the mountains – it’s because of these electrons that we are absorbing!

When your bare feet or skin comes into contact with earth, free electrons are taken into the body. All those free electrons help counteract excess free radicals that are created in the body. This is how earthing or grounding naturally and gently stabilises your body. The earth is the biggest antioxidant around!

Researchers and scientists have repeatedly verified earthing. Studies have shown that earthing can help to ease many health complaints from mild pain and inflammation to better sleep. In one such study of 58 healthy adults, earthing brought about immediate changes in the EEG, EMG, and blood volume pulse reading to lower stress and tension. Read through the articles on this website to find out more about Earthing and your health.

How can you ground yourself?

Connecting with the earth’s energy is much easier than you may think. Kick off your shoes and go for a walk on the grass, or just sit with your bare feet against the ground. Short on time? You can conveniently earth at home with an especially designed earthing device. There are sleep systems for your bed and earthing mats you can use while watching TV. Take a look at the products in our Better Earthing shop.

Having the earth’s healing energy as part of your daily life can help with a raft of health problems (whether serious or mild). The more you do it, the more benefits you are likely to feel. Try it for yourself and see if Mother Earth boosts your health and wellbeing. We like Earthing Shoes!

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