The Amazing Health Benefits Of Grounding/Earthing

One of the most health-promoting activities you can do is to walk barefoot on the Earth’s surface. This is known as earthing or grounding. There are multiple health benefits. This includes receiving super-antioxidants in the form of negatively charged electrons coming from the Earth’s surface with all those wonderful antioxidant properties.

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Then there are the benefits that include reducing the ageing process, controlling inflammation, hormonal control for stress handling, good nervous functioning, hormonal balance, regulating sleep patterns, promoting good blood composition and efficient cardiovascular function…

Earthing/grounding has the effect of neutralizing the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (electromagnetic pollution)coming from domestic applications such as fridges, the air conditioning, computer hard drives, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radio broadcasts, TV, cordless phones, cell phones, cell phone towers, high-power fluorescent lighting, vacuum cleaners and electrically powered heaters…

– With all these benefits it’s no surprise that those having done earthing/grounding report feeling better!

So what’s going on here? Why does this phenomenon have such an effect on health when practiced regularly? Let’s look at the evidence to support the claims.

As a race it’s in our ancestry to walk bare-footed. Our ancestors had a constant supply of electrons from the Earth’s surface for immune system building.

Remember, these days whether it’s plastic or rubber we have the souls of our shoes acting as insulators and as a barrier, preventing our bare feet from making contact with the Earth’s surface and getting that health-bringing supply of electrons. Besides walking, this also includes sitting or lying down… i.e. making direct contact with Earth.

The effect of the electricity on the body produced from the above mentioned appliances in a domestic or commercial environment with all its electromagnetic pollution can be measured.

When connected up to the body a voltage meter can indicate the differences between when you are say, lying on the bed or grounded. The voltage meter indicates a lower reading when earthing / grounding occurs. This shows that grounding / earthing has the effect of reducing exposure to those electric fields and electromagnetic pollutants.

The constant supply of electrons entering the body, mopping up those free radicals acting as antioxidants, preventing disease and reducing the ageing process… could be a major overlooked factor in our health.

Whether it’s to do with disease prevention, healing or for optimum health there are a number of research institutions showing the wonderful multiple benefits of earthing / grounding. Take, for example, the effects observed when looking at blood under a light microscope. Earthing / grounding has the effect of thinning the blood and decoupling the cells.

It is hoped that this very brief article will encourage further investigation and practice of this technology.

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