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Earthing studies show individuals can benefit from the process of connecting to the Earth. Members of society are returning to ancient times of walking barefoot and releasing negative energies within the body. Grounding to the earth in others ways also adds healthy benefits.

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Current Isolation

In many communities around the world, shoes are worn to protect the feet. Even though this can be a good thing, it can also have negative effects upon the body. The soles of the shoes act as an insulator against the natural earthing process.

How does this affect our health? Shoes can prevent the body from releasing and receiving natural energies. When our ancestoearthing matrs walked barefoot, their bodies were able to ground to the earth. Electrons which are negatively charged are able to connect with our bodies. This brings earthing health benefits much like eating antioxidant foods on a regular basis.

Zeta Potential

Within the study of earthing, something very interesting has been discovered. Individuals who ground themselves to the earth for approximately 30 minutes have changes occur within their blood. Test results show after this time frame, blood cells were more alive and active. This is known as the Zeta Potential.

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How does Grounding Benefit the User?

Grounding has many positive health results for the user. Individuals are seeing great results in the following ways through earthing:

  • Increased energy and vibrancy
  • Decrease in inflammatory processes
  • Decrease in cortisol levels
  • Diminished stress
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Participants gain deeper sleep, allowing the body to heal
  • Eliminated bouts of depression
  • Less painful occurrences within the body
  • Wounds healing much faster
  • Decreased electron deficiency
  • Free radical neutralization
  • As well as a host of other benefits!

Increasing the Grounding Result

Individuals who use grounding on a regular basis can feel a difference within 30 minutes of the earthing application. Those who add a diet rich in antioxidants see almost immediate results. Adding natural antioxidant therapy increases the benefits of grounding and intensifies a healthier lifestyle.

Easy Earthing Year Round

When using natural earthing, or grounding, it is best to look for carefree alternatives. Simply taking the time to go barefoot each day and making contact with the earth will increase health benefits.

What about the winter months? It may not be easy to go barefoot outside during the colder months, depending on where you live. Earthing products are available to allow the user to gain health benefits year round.earthing book

Many individuals who use this process on a regular basis love to use grounding sheets. They are much like the regular sheets placed upon your bed. They allow you to connect to natural energies and gain continued health benefits.

For individuals who prefer to add a pad to their sleeping bed, earthing pads can be placed and benefits gained. As long as there is bare skin touching the pad during your resting time, the body will be responding to the process.

Earthing products are also available to help you be grounded while working indoors. Earthing straps are transportable and allow you to wear them when you are doing other things. While working in the home, or office, if a plug in is available, you can connect.

More About Earthing/Grounding Mats

Another great alternative is using an earthing mat. The special mat is more functional for some users and can also be used in the office, or home. They are made of silver fiber and can be placed under a table, or desk. The user will then place their bare feet on the grounding mat while they are working. The earthing mat can also be placed on top of the table, or desk, to make contact with your arms and upper body.

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Earthing is Highly Recommended

Grounding to the earth is highly recommended for those seeking to improve their health status. If you have severe health issues, be sure to consult a physician before making lifestyle changes. Otherwise, adding this natural process to your daily life can provide for significant health advantages.

The benefits of this process bring significant improvements within the body. Whether you connect with the earth, or purchase helpful tools, you will see a difference in how you feel. When the body becomes more balanced, as it should be, the effects will be astounding.

Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready to start feeling better? Are you ready to rid the body of the negative effects of daily stresses and disease? Then, we encourage you to consider using this process to begin natural healing in your life.

Gain the benefits of health and start the grounding process, today. You will begin to feel better, sleep better, and accomplish more in your life. Accomplishing more will give you greater mental health and the ability to spend additional quality time with the ones you love.

Earthing products are available to assist you in increasing the overall benefits of the process. They are not absolutely necessary, but they will increase the health benefits derived. You have the ability to decrease the “zap factor” of daily life. Earthing allows you to reverse the effects of “the life is being zapped from your body” on a daily basis. great way to “earth” is using an earthing mat!

Connect to the earth, today! Start to feel better about yourself! Increase your health by making the needed changes!

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