At The Edge Of The Detachment – From a Reiki Energy Healing Session

When I started learning about energy healing, especially Reiki, I was expecting miracles to happen in the physical level to people who I conduct healing for. I wanted that to happen as I witnessed the suffering of many loved ones and had the eagerness to render assistance.

I know that the healing procedure failed on so many occasions to diagnose and heal. However, the side effects of pills to our body system cannot be sidelined as well as the physical and emotional pain after a surgical procedure.

I saw many people who had mental issues and were taking pills to calm them down so they don’t become dangerous to themselves or others, but it rarely helps to put them on track again.

I read so many books on the idea that the body can heal itself, and that the mind has the power to create miracles but I never witnessed one. I was hoping that Reiki can be the creator of these miracles that initiate self-healing of the body.

My journey to learn about energy healing started from the moment I felt that my purpose should be about helping people who are suffering. So, it was a journey in searching for something to help.

After performing many Reiki sessions on one of my relatives and had no good results, I inquired from my teacher to know more about the expectations from Reiki sessions but his answer was that when you do a session, the energy definitely channels to the body and locate the areas where healing is needed. You may do it to heal an issue whereas it healed another issue or produce result never attached to the expectations.

Today, after many years of channeling the universal energy, Reiki to myself and many clients, I witnessed so many miracles, most of them on myself.

It is important to know that Reiki energy goes to the part of the body that need healing, on both physical and mental level. But the client should allow it, subconsciously. In another word, if the receiver of the energy keeps on fighting with their own thought and telling themselves that the Reiki is not helping, then definitely it won’t help. But if they surrender themselves to the energy allowing and realising that it will definitely do the change that it meant to do for that session then the result will be more than the expectations.

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